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February 01, 2019 2 min read

Progress isn’t always a good thing... There was a time when a man started his day by taking a straight-edge razor to his face. From the moment you first picked up that blade it was an exercise in control. One little slip and you left the house bloody. Sure it took a little longer, but, trust us, it wasn’t one of those things you wanted to rush. Ever. And then along came disposable blades and electric razors, and men’s testosterone levels have been dropping steadily ever since. It’s time we all took a step back and reacquainted ourselves with the morning rituals of our forefathers. It’s time we took more time to do things right. So grab a brush made out of badger hair, work up a rich, luxurious lather and tell progress to peddle its papers somewhere else. And just like that, you’ve taken your first step into a smooth you.

As life sped up in the twentieth century, men's grooming rituals began to revolve around disposable blades and plastic bottles. Boys stopped learning how to hone, strop and polish a blade or brush on soapy lather. Classic shaving implements, however, are making a comeback: smooth men are demanding a smoother shave in the twenty-first century. As increasing numbers of men turn away from drugstore brands, The Men's Soap Shop is leading the way in the renaissance of smooth. With products that hearken back to the rituals of a simpler time, we also remain committed to natural, organic ingredients. Smooth is back...naturally.

One need not be clean shaven in order to be smooth. That’s been our philosophy since the day we founded the Men’s Soap Shop in a small apartment in Boston, Massachusetts. At the time a smooth gentleman had precious few choices when it came to all-natural body-care products. But then we decided to change all that. Today we brew, pour, cut and cure our products in a nineteenth century factory building, which reminds us of the importance of good old-fashioned craft and quality. Every product we make is painstakingly handcrafted in small batches from simple all-natural ingredients in order to produce products that are pure and unique.

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