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August 08, 2019 2 min read

One of the reason we have not move from the same place is because we love the Sprinkler Factory. As soon as we moved from our small apartment in Boston into the factory, we felt in love with the history.

Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA

 ~Image source by Sprinkler factory.

This nineteenth century factory building has seen sprinklers being produced for WW ll Submarines; and now, it hosts really amazing artists and small businesses like us.  We are proud to say that today we brew, pour, cut and cure our men's grooming products in factory building at the heart of Worcester, Massachusetts.


Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA by Liz West

~Photo by Liz West. 

The Factory reminds us of the importance of good old-fashioned craft and quality. Everywhere you look your imagination takes you back to factory workers running up and down the stairs with materials. The same as we do now with our oils, labels, and products.


Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA AftershavesSprinkler
Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA Beard Oil


We use the same docks they used. We use the same columns walls. And we use the same windows to see Worcester through the four seasons. We do our advertisement in the same place they did they advertisement.


Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA Ad


The factory has a new life comparing to the old factory activity. Artists have made a big impact on the factory. Their spirits have made this old building, in the heart of Worcester, an epicenter for the Arts in Central Mass. There is always an art exhibit and theater at the Main gallery. Furthermore, a small community of merchants make the factory a place for the community to thrive. The building has seen kombucha, Chocolates, Frames, Glass Studio, Pottery Studio, graphic designers, and men's grooming products. Overall, this building is part of Worcester history.

Sprinkler Factory Worcester, MA



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